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Cake Recipes

cake recipes

Cakes are extremely popular during functions, festivals, birthdays, weddings and many other events. We have gone through and came up with a list of cake recipes which are easy to follow and at the same time created both delicious and beautiful cakes.

Here is the list of cake recipes:

Chocolate Supreme Cake
A must-try for all the chocoholics and chocolate lovers out there.

Dark Chocolate Cake
A very delicious and easy-to-make dark chocolate cake.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
One of the best cakes and is a definitely a must-try.

Cheese Cake
A very thick basic cheese cake with a wonderful crust.

BlackForest Cheese Cake
Cheese cake topped with chocolate and black forest.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest cake with a wonderful chocolate layer which is soaked in Kirsch liqueur with cherry fillings.

Strawberry Cake
An easy-to-make and delicious strawberry cake.

An exquisite and delicious cake that can be considered as a delicacy.

Mango Cake
One of the nicest fruit cakes that can be found around.

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