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Bakery Recipes

bakery recipesThe first recorded evidence of baking was in ancient times when humans mashed up grass grains into a paste and cooked it till it had a bread-like texture. Baking was first picked up by the Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians. In Italy, the first stone ovens to cook pizzas and pastas were invented.

Baking flourished and a multitude of techniques were developed. In fact, they are still being developed, along with the invention of croissants, Madeleine, puff pastries and a whole variety of baked goods. Till date, baking has stirred up much enthusiasm and become a hobby and topic of discussion for many.

So, are you itching for some action in the kitchen? Having problems finding the recipe to bake the perfect chocolate cake for that special someone? Here at Bakery.sg, we offer you quality recipes for various cakes, pastries, bread, cookies and the challenging strudel.
Try these recipes that have been specially contributed to Bakery.sg by passionate bakers! We have also done our research and tailored these recipes to be ideal for baking in the comfort of your own home. They are clear and easy to follow, even if it's your first attempt at baking.

Each recipe specifies the duration needed for preparation and baking, as well as the recommended serving for each creation. You could also help your children hone valuable baking skills and arouse their passion for baking with these simple and fun recipes.

Amaze family and friends with your very own hand-made creations!

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