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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bakery.sg?

Bakery.sg is your one-stop website for all baking knowledge and tips as well as showcasing the most exotic and innovative cakes made in Singapore! Besides aiming to become Singapore's No. 1 online cake shop, it also provides special deals, free listing, recipes, baking tips, etc.

The Cake Mall is where we showcase a wide and diverse range of cake designs and flavours to whet your appetite. The cakes in this section are always available and can be bought at any time, even 3 am in the morning! As a Bakery.sg member, you are also guaranteed of at least 10% discount on our cakes. Purchasing cakes on Bakery.sg is a smooth and seamless experience that we know you will enjoy and recommend to your friends!

We also feature a cake as the "Deal Of The Day" at a price specially discounted at 30% or even more. As the deal is time-limited, our members have a limited time to purchase the featured cake at a price not found anywhere else! This provides a win-win situation for the bakery in terms of increased sales and for you, as a Bakery.sg member, to enjoy the privilege of being the first to know when it comes to our cake promotions.

To discover how the purchasing process works, visit “How Cake Purchase Works”.

Are purchases refundable?

No refunds will be entertained.

When and how will I receive the purchase?

When you purchase your cake, you would have already stated whether you would collect the cake yourself or have it delivered to a location and on which date. When the date arrives, the bakery staff will contact you to confirm that you are ready to collect or receive the cake.

Note that the self-collection option is not available for "Deal Of The Day" purchases to make it easy for the bakery to process the orders on time.

How do I create an account?

Click on the “Member Register/Login” link in the top menu, then the “Register” button. Proceed with your registration. Note that you must be a Bakery.sg member in order to proceed with your cake purchase on our site.

I can’t log into my account.

If for any inexplicable reason that you can’t login using the e-mail address and password with which you have successfully created a member’s account before, please write to us using the “Contact Us” page, stating how our website reacted to your login attempts and the error message that appears, if any. Our staff will revert to you within the next working day.

I can’t remember my password...

Click the “Password forgotten? Click here“ link in the “Member Register/Login” page and fill in your e-mail address (the one which you used to create your account). Our system will send you an e-mail containing your NEW password.

Who has access to my email address and personal details?

Your details are only available to us and to the relevant bakeries whose products you have purchased from so that customer contact can be established and cake delivery be facilitated. Our “Terms and Conditions” page clearly states which and how your personal details will be shared.

How do I change my registered email address?

You can edit your contact details, mailing address and password when you log into your member’s account at account.php.

As for your newsletter subscription, simply unsubscribe under your old e-mail address from the newsletter and subscribe again under your new one.

What are the payment forms acceptable?

Payments are processed exclusively via PayPal which accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as payments using PayPal funds.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

You can pay through PayPal using any major credit card without the need to register for a PayPal account.

How do I know when a new cake offer is posted?

Simply subscribe to our newsletter using the form below, or follow us through our Twitter feed or Facebook Fan Page and we'll update you as soon as a new deal or promotion is posted.

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How often is a new “Deal Of The Day” posted?

To get first-hand notification when a new deal is posted, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

I missed a deal. Will you be running it again?

We aim to vary the deals so the chances of a deal being repeated are slim, but not impossible. In any case, visit the Cake Mall to look for the specific cake that you want.

Who do I contact for customer support?

Please use the “Contact Us” page for all your customer enquiries. Our staff will revert to you within the next working day.

Who do I contact to promote my cakes through this website?

Please use the “Contact Us” page to introduce yourself and the sumptuous cakes that you would like to showcase in our cake mall. Please include:

- Your name
- Your email address
- Your phone number
- The details of your business
- Your website, if your business has one.

We'll get in touch with you soon to discuss further.


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