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Mooncake Recipes


Mooncake is a type of pastry which Chinese consume during the Mooncake festival which is in conjuction with the Mid-Autumn festival where mooncakes and lanterns are the main characters.

The Mooncake festival occurs around the months of August and September which is the only time where these wonderful pastries are made and sold in the market. Mooncakes are usually soft pure lotus paste compactly wrapped in smooth golden brown pastry. Mooncakes are made using lotus paste which is a combination of lotus seed and lye water boiled and blended into a paste, with an addition of peanut oil and cooked glutinous rice flour result in a sticky paste which is then rolled into a ball, covered with a well-mixed dough and stamped with an unique pattern on the top.

About MooncakeMooncakes either come plain or with egg yolks placed in the lotus paste filling which brings out an extremely delicious taste. The egg yolk in the mooncake has a chinese myth behind it which represents the lonlinees of a chinese goodness who flew up to the moon to escape from her husband.

Mooncakes are essential pastries that will always be present during that time of the year and more and more innovative mooncakes are created as time goes by.

Here is a list of mooncake recipes:

Baked Double-Yolk Lotus Mooncakes

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