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Bread is a very important source of food to people from different country, race or even age. It is an essential source food that is consumed by people from all walks of life. During breakfast, it would seem almost impossible not to be able to find a loaf of bread on the table ready to be eaten.


Bread is a staple food which is usually prepared by baking, steaming, or even frying dough. Bread consists mainly of flour, eggs and water. Salt is also present in most cases to provide a better taste. There is usually a leavening agent such as yeast that is used. Breads sometimes may also contain spices like caraway seed and grains which are often used for decorative purposes. There are a wide variety of breads and preferred varieties often depends on the people living in the country.

There are countless ways of eating bread. More commonly, bread is eaten plain or topped with butter, peanut butter or sweet spreads such as jam, jelly or honey or savory spreads such as tuna or eggs with mayonise. It is also used to make sandwiches. Once baked, bread can be toasted till it turns golden brown and crispy. Bread is rather lasting if kept in the proper temperature it still tastes just as good as before after a period of time.

There are many different brands of bread available in Singapore. These bread makers also have a wide variety of bread available for sell to based on the consumers preference.

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