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strudel A strudel is a pastry with filling wrapped in several thin flaky layers, often served with cream. They usually have an elongated appearance. The strudel is a Central European pastry and originated in Austria, which is very much influenced by a wide variety of cuisines in Europe. The oldest recipe of strudel was written in 1696 by an Austrian man. It was popularised in the 18th century.

The two most popular strudels include the classic Apple Strudel, and the Topfen Strudel which utilises German Topfen cream cheese. In fact, the Apple Strudel is one of the three national dishes of Austria, where it originated and was popularised. The fillings for strudels range from sweet fruits and nuts, to savoury meat and vegetable fillings.

When it comes to baking, the strudel can be described as the elusive baked good. It is not as common to see strudels on the shelves of bakeries, compared to other confectionaries like bread and cakes. They also cost more to make and are thus more expensive. This is because a lot more time and effort is needed to bake strudels as the right technique and skill have to be employed.

The secret to making excellent strudel is to make sure the pastry is very thin and elastic. A single layer should be so thin and slightly transparent to the extent that a newspaper can be read through it. The pastry is made from flour with high gluten content, egg, water and butter (or oil). Sugar may be added and but any sweetness can also be derived from the fillings. The pastry is then stretched out on a small towel, the filling is spread, and the pastry is rolled up with the help of the towel and placed in the oven for baking.

Below are the three popular strudels:


apple strudel
Apple Strudel

Topfen Strudel
(cream cheese)

strawberry strudel
Strawberry Strudel

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