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The Extraordinary 3D Cake That Everyone Wishes For

3d cake

“Wow” was the word that everyone in the room said when the birthday cake was revealed, we were so surprised that the cake looked so realistic, whispers from the ladies can be heard,” That looks exactly like my bag!” “The cake looks so real.”

Recently I went to a friend’s birthday party and saw this scene happening in front of me. These days, people are focusing more on their birthday cake being presented at their birthday celebration, as many do not mind spending extra money to request for a 3D cake that they like, which will be eaten at the end of the day. After talking to my friend, I got to know that the main reason pushing them to opt for a 3D cake is a word, novelty.

More and more people are opting for a 3D cake for their birthday as they felt like being special and unique on their birthday. They do not wish to have cake that you can find at most of the cake shops, they want the cake to be the only one in the world which belongs to them. As such they do not mind spending hundred of dollars just to have a cake specially delicated to them.

With the increasing demand of novelty cakes, many bakeries and hotels had received many orders in advance that customers want 3D cakes for their birthdays. The designs of the cakes can be from castles to toys, Lego structures, designers bag and even sports car. The price of the 3D cake varies, as it will depend on the complexity of the cake as well as the weight of the cake. It can cost up to about $950 for a sports car design cake of 50cm by 30cm.

The show aired on the cable TV has created awareness of 3D cakes and now kids’ parents are willing to fork out a sum of money to order the novelty cake for their children, as they are very contented to see their faces lighted up with surprise and happiness when the children saw their cakes are their favourite cartoon characters. Not only children are the ones that likes the idea of their favourite stuffs as their birthday cakes, big kids from 20s to 60s too, like the idea of their 3D cake that is being moulded to a chanel’s bag like my friend’s, to a bottle of champagne as well as cars that look like James Bond’s Aston Martin to be their birthday cake.

The baking and decorating of the cake needs time and hardwork from the bakers as it can takes between one hour to a few days to decorate the 3D cake depending on their complexity and also, the cake is usually moulded by hand using tools, stencils and cutter. Sugar, marzipan and fondant are use to decorate the cake and you can opt for different flavors for different layers.

So when your birthday is approaching and you want to be the shiniest star, be sure to make a reservation from the hotel or bakery to request for a 3D cake of your liking to surprise everyone at your birthday.

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